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1.Internacional document consists of two parts: book and plastic card. Why are valid for one year only?

In 1949, countries signed the UN Convention on international traffic. International Driver's Document was described in this Convention as a document that must be renewed each year. Technology for production of plastic cards did not exist in 1949, so TACG had added this feature as a security measure.

To put it in a simple form that international driver document as a paper book (UN Convention) and the plastic card as an addition to the book for safety reasons.

2. I have drivers license from another country, but not in Guatemala. Can I drive here TACG international driver license until I get the local license?

As a matter of fact, you can only get in Guatemala to document international driver's license if you have valid driving his country. In your case, yes, you can get in Guatemala. You can not use IDP. in the country where your original driver's license was issued.

But keep in mind that international drivers document is only intended for use by persons traveling in the country and stay in the country for only a short time.

3. Is it possible to receive your service in Canada or France? Or any other country?
You can apply for IDP of any country in the world. We are successfully working through mail with our international partners and customers

4. Is it necessary to present a driver's license in my country with IDP.?

You must present your original driver's license along with International Driver's license

5. How do the agent?

To become an agent please stop at the nearest office TACG and complete a special arrangement then you will be assigned a number agent and can start working.

6. What is PDF?

Portable Document Format (PDF). To view the PDF documents you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

7. How long do you take to process and receive the document of international drivers?

TACG takes 48 hours to process your application and mail the completed document to you. TACG have several email options .for more information) therefore may receive the following document business day or next week.

8. How do I renew international drivers permit and how much?

To renew your IDP must send a copy of your IDP expired along with the renewal fee of $ 50.00 + shipping and handling and a renewal application. The IDP will renew within 48 hours.

Note that you should not renew your IDP if expired driver's license from the original.

9.¿Perdido my International Drivers Document what should I do?

If you lost your IDP and would like a duplicate please follow this procedure * write your name

* Print the result page (with information on number and expiration IDP)

* Mail your print out along with the renewal fee of $ 50.00 + shipping and handling and a request to issue a duplicate. The IDP will renew within 48 hours.

10. I moved, I change my address, what should I do?

To change any information on the IDP must send a copy of your existing IDP along with cost rate of $ 50.00 + shipping and handling and a new form of engagement with the new address.

11. I am not in my country now, what address should I put in the application form?

You must put the same address on your driver's license from the original.

12. My e-mail is different, I want my document to another email address.

Please use the form and indicate where you want your IDP sent.

13. I lost my original drivers license, can I apply for International Drivers Document and drive with it?

International Drivers is a document confirming that you have valid driver's license in your country. If you lost your original license IDP has nothing to confirm so that should not apply IDP

The answer is NO, you can not apply IDP and drive without your original driver's license.

14. Am I going to another country, I need an international driver document as soon as possible, what you can do for me?

It is the fastest service we have. Last service at the bottom of the page.

15.¿Mi original license will expire in 8 months, can I still use International Drivers Document?

Your original driver's license replaced IDP. You can use IDP for 8 months until the original license expires.